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Updating PHP version from 5.3 to 5.6 on Linux CentOS

Created: 30 November 2016
This task is not so easy, especially if you are updating PHP on a production server. I have taken a note about the steps I have followed. Let's open our shell with root permissions: First check your PHP verson php -v Download some repository and edit some configuration: wget » Read more

PHP 7 migration

Created: 30 November 2016
PHP 7 is faster than all the previous versions. All you need is the best peformances you can have but... what about migrating from PHP 5 to 7? Let's some helpful links and tools: PHP 7 check tool with composer: just insta....... » Read more

Yii 2 pros and cons

Created: 30 November 2016
I am working on a project with Yii 2. I was not a big fan of this framework but I must admit it surprised me when I started learning it.There are many pro and cons about using this PHP framework. Let's try to write my own list: PROS Basic and Advanced template: you can choose even other templates but these are 2 gre....... » Read more

Developing mobile apps

Created: 30 November 2016
Mobile applications are evolving very fast and even the new many applications Windows 8 appear like they're on mobile device. For me we cannot say HTML5 is better than programming with Android. There are too many different technologies and you must choice what's the best for you and your aims. If you need more interactio....... » Read more

Welcome to my new website

I am a software developer and I am always curious about what happens in the world of programming, web development and computer science. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to follow everything and have a deep knowledge about all topics. Let's say it's impossible.

I have abandoned Wordpress for many reasons and now I have my pros and cons about this new situation. I want to have more interaction on my website and I want to have the full control about the code, design, HTML and many more. At the same time, without worpdress, I have to reinvent some functionalities you can have with this powerful blog platform. But I am satisfied with this result and I want to keep this website updated as long as I can. I hope you can enjoy my efforts. Enjoy!

About the Zend PHP certification

I am a certified Zend PHP 5 engineer since 2015. THe certification is just a challenge for yourself. It will help you to have a deep PHP knowledge. This certification will not expire. You can upgrade it when the certificaiton about PHP 7 will be available. The exam is not easy so take it seriously becuase becoming a Zend PHP engineer really worth :)

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Zend Certified PHP Engineer

I am a certified Zend PHP 5 engineer since 16 Sep, 2015.