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Created: 16 December 2016
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Cyber security and Ethical hacking

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Image for post: SwiftMailer, PhpMailer and ZendMail RCE vulnerability

SwiftMailer, PhpMailer and ZendMail RCE vulnerability

Created: 08 January 2017
A vulnerability about these popular libraries has been discovered. This video demonstrates how to execute arbitrary code in a vulnerable PHP application that is using Swiftmailer, PHPMailer or ZendMail. The attacker uses a python exploit script to catch informations about the victim and perform the execution of arbitra....... » Read more

Image for post: Updating PHP version from 5.3 to 5.6 on Linux CentOS

Updating PHP version from 5.3 to 5.6 on Linux CentOS

Created: 30 November 2016
This task is not so easy, especially if you are updating PHP on a production server. I have taken a note about the steps I have followed. Let's open our shell with root permissions: First check your PHP version php -v Download some repository and edit some configuration: wget » Read more

Image for post: PHP 7 migration

PHP 7 migration

Created: 30 November 2016
PHP 7 is faster than all the previous versions. All you need is the best peformances you can have but... what about migrating from PHP 5 to 7? Let's some helpful links and tools: Migration PHP 7 check tool with composer: just install this tool globally with comp....... » Read more

Image for post: Yii 2 pros and cons

Yii 2 pros and cons

Created: 30 November 2016
I am working on a project with Yii 2. I was not a big fan of this framework but I must admit it surprised me when I started learning it.There are many pro and cons about using this PHP framework. Let's try to write my own list: PROS Basic and Advanced template: you can choose even other templates but these are 2 gre....... » Read more

About me

I am a software developer with a lot of passion on computer science and all about internet and computers. In my free time I like:

  • Live music (especially metal concerts), Playing drums
  • Ethical hacking \ Cyber security
  • Video games (PC, emulators)
  • Manga, Movies, Chess
  • Beers :)


Zend Certified PHP Engineer

I am a certified Zend PHP 5 engineer since 16 Sep, 2015. The certification is a good challenge for yourself. It will help you to have a deep knowledge about the whole PHP ecosystem. This certification will not expire. You can upgrade it when the PHP 7 certificaiton will be available. The exam is not easy so take it seriously. Becoming a Zend PHP engineer really worth for your job and for your career.