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Jeanson James Ancheta picture thumb

Jeanson James Ancheta


The first person to be charged for controlling large numbers of hijacked computers or botnets.

Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya picture thumb

Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya

Twitter Wikipedia

Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya is a former Russian money mule hacker

Karl Koch picture thumb

Karl Koch

Nickname: hagbard

Ehud Tenenbaum picture thumb

Ehud Tenenbaum

Nickname: The Analyzer


Israeli cracker.

Leonard Rose image not available

Leonard Rose

Nickname: Terminus


American hacker who in 1991 accepted a plea bargain that convicted him of two counts of wire fraud stemming from publishing an article in Phrack magazine.

Rafael Nunez image not available

Rafael Nunez

Nickname: RaFa


Venezuelan computer security professional and ethical hacker (white hat hacker).

Andrew Auernheimer image not available

Andrew Auernheimer

Nickname: weev


Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer is an American black hat hacker Internet troll and neo-Nazi.

Mark Abene image not available

Mark Abene

Nickname: Phiber Optik


Mark Abene is an infosec expert and entrepreneur, originally from New York City. He was once a member of the hacker groups Legion of Doom and Masters of Deception.