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Secure Ninja TV

As technology is constantly evolving and changing, there is a huge need for information about topics such as Cybersecurity, Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Crime. Business and government entities deal with increasing threats of security attacks each year, and must constantly reassess their vulnerabilities. SecureNinjaTV's mission is to gather critical knowledge from top security professionals in various branches of the industry and to provide free and up to date information about various security issues to the tech community, business community, and government.SecureNinjaTV covers a wide range of industry conferences, events and trade shows each year. We're committed to obtaining up to date information about the Cybersecurity world and to maintaining a permanent and recurring presence at important industry events both domestic and international.

RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco

RSA Conference 2016 was bigger and better than ever before! SecureNinjaTV was able to meet with several notable figures in the cybersecurity spectrum this year to discuss everything from password privacy to keeping kids safe online. Alicia Webb and Jon Miller also traveled to the studios of hacker channel Hak5 for a fun collaboration, as well as to the Computer History Museum for a private tour. An RSA Conference wouldn't be complete without a trip to iOAsis for some thought provoking interviews and conference relaxation.

CES 2016

SecureNinjaTV heads to Las Vegas for CES 2016- a trade show full of all things technology. They catch up with John McAfee, the hacker minds behind Mr. Robot, cybersecurity investigative journalist Brian Krebs, and more!

SecureNinjaTV Free Training Courses

Full video training courses--absolutely free! If you like what you see and would like to experience a SecureNinja course in person, visit for some incredible discounts and promotions!