Self learning

Some possible questions about your ability to learn something every day. We have to learn something new every day to enhance our professional value!

What did you learn yesterday / this week?

Talking about a learning schedule, our objectives and some details about what we are learning working with some technology or programming language. Soft skills and Agile methodologies can be another important topic to talk about.

What excites or interests you about coding?

It's hard to pick just one reason. You can love being a craftman or creative. You can be satisfied about build a good software that other people use every day for their job. Be honest and find your best answer for you.

What industry blogs do you enjoy reading?

In this website you can find news on the best blogs, videos channels and websites in the software development industry. I like to read news about software development (both frontend and backend), best practices, agile methodologies and information security. I know it' very hard to being always updated but I can spend time to read and learn something useful every day if possible.