Image for post: Agile testing: the first quadrant

Agile testing: the first quadrant

The first quadrant contains unit tests and component tests. The following image is about Lisa Crispin's 4 quadrants 

Unit tests

Testing function, classes, and methods following the discipline of test-driven development and other extreme programming practices. We have a lot of unit testing frameworks that can help us to write our tests. The following list is for the most common programming language. You can find a large list of frameworks on Wikipedia.

Component tests

Component testing is a method where testing of each component in an application is done separately. Martin Fowler definition: A component test is a test that limits the scope of the exercised software to a portion of the system under test.

  • Broad-stack test:
  • Test Pyramid: unit on the base, service and UI. Check the ice cream cone: an amazing article about the test pyramid and various testing levels

Other terms we must consider speaking about component testing:

  • Stub
  • Test Double is a generic term for any case where you replace a production object for testing purposes - Martin Fowler.

After testing

We must consider further steps in the software development life cycle with unit and component testing:

Q&A must find nothing!

Q&A must find nothing after we have deployed our application.

  • Unit tests 100% coverage; all tests must pass
  • Test the behavior: UI, forms, links, redirect are testable with BDD and browser automation tools like Selenium or Sahi.


Least but last, I have to remember the most important people around Agile and Agile testing:

  • Robert C. "Uncle Bob" Martin.
  • Martin Fowler
  • Kent Beck
  • Lisa Crispin
  • Mike Cohn