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Angular and React Enterprise applications architecture

I was searching for pieces of information about how to build and scale large Angular applications and how other companies or even how Google do it. Until I have found something very interesting. An innovative tool and method for creating a well-organized workspace with modules, libraries, and testing, Let's learn how to build amazing frontend application and coding like Google!

Angular Console

The Angular CLI GUI

Angular CLI now has its own Graphical User Interface. A powerful tool to manage workspaces, multiple apps, tests and build. Every command you can launch with Angular CLI is now available on this amazing software with all options you can send to the NG command line. Angular Console can do even more if you see its features:

  • Trivial Code Generation
  • Run Custom NPM Scripts
  • Discover and Install Extensions    
  • Build CLI Commands Visually
  • Integrated Terminal Output
  • Import Existing Projects

Nx by Narwhal Technologies Inc.

Aset of Angular CLI power-ups for modern development

"Nx is a set of Angular CLI power-ups for modern development.". Well I think Nx is even more than they say on Github! It helps you to create a great workspace too. Using Nx, you can add Cypress, Jest, Prettier, and Nest into your dev workflow. Nx sets up these tools and allows you to use them seamlessly. Nx fully integrates with the other modern tools you already use and love.
The software is developed and maintained by Narwhal Technologies.