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Bootstrap 3 template tools

Building templates with Bootstrap

Why have I decided t0 use Bootstrap 3 instead of 2 for my new project? I'm searching new and simple templates made with Bootstrap 3. There aren't many options online but you can build your own template using different tools. BS3 is newer and I really love the new features such as font awesome and new glyphicons. The layout samples look very simple and clean. The icons and CSS are more optimized and responsive.

Migrating from Bootstrap 2 to 3

You will notice the HTML is different from the second version. So if you have a medium or large project developed with bs2 the migration can be a problem. Luckily these amazing link that can help us:

Mockup and tools

Here we have some websites with tools to build a layout template with bootstrap 3 and export it:

Proprietary, you can try a demo:

Other tools:

  • Kickstrap is not a mockup tool but a complete tool to develop code using a Firebase platform. Check out the demo video and try it!
  • Lavishbootstrap is a tool that give you colors and a some code for your CSS based on a image!
  • Paintstrap is very cool: use Adobe Kuler or Colorlovers to choose your theme colors and then generate your layout with Paintstrap! Imagine if you can apply all colour manually: this will let you to avoid to do this boring job :)


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