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Agile testing: the first quadrant

The first quadrant contains unit tests and component tests. The following image is about Lisa Crispin's 4 quadrants  Unit tests Testing function, classes, and methods following the discipline of test-driven development and other extreme programming practices. We have a lot of unit testing frameworks that can... [...]

Clean Code part 2: variables names

We have the power to assign a name to a variable and it's a great power! We must assign a name to a variable that it must reveal its intents just when I read the name of the variable. If we can assign the right name and understand what the variable will do and its role on the software and on the algorithm, it would be perfec... [...]

Clean code: bad code

What is bad code? Why we write bad code? Well Uncle Bob ask us many questions and then help us to understand how to improve gradually and start writing clean and maintainable code. We must learn to recognize bad code (code smell) and let us to update and improve existing code without breaking anything (refactoring). Let's st... [...]

Browser automation and test tools

Here we are with a list of the most popular test and browser automation tools. The testing discipline is very complex and the tester is responsible even for the tools he's choosing to do his job. I hope the following links will be helpful for all beginner testers. Browser automation Selenium tools: RC, Server, Grid,... [...]

Facing Agile Retrospectives

The scrum teams use the retrospective to watch their steps, think about what they have done and search more improvements. Good things, bad things and mistakes. All must be clear and easy to understand. Do you think it's easy? Maybe if you work effectively with your team or better, if you are working in a team for a long time... [...]

Pomodoro timers

Here we are with the pomodoro technique. This time management technique is very important tocontinuously improve our time management skill. Simply take your time and before starting the timer, calculate a short planning and some seconds or minutes to get conclusions and see what you've done during the session. More info... [...]

Put your system under test

The code we cannot test it's bad! How we can turn legacy code into clean code? Legacy code can be very hard to update and maintain and It can cause many problems, even between people. I've had a very bad experience working on code without any point of reference and documentation. The larger are the amount of legacy code,... [...]

Agile testing tools

I'm new about practicing agile testing and implementing solutions as tester. I'm learning about this specific (soft?) skill and I will be able to report all the news. I will show all my improvements and I will update this and other post/s. But first of all who is the tester? The tester is not a debugger The agile t... [...]

Clean code part 1

Let's start to talk about clean code thinking about Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob), Martin Fowler and other great software developers. Their talks and books help us every day to be more professional and do our job better. Let's start to gather some definitions of clean and bad code.  CLEAN CODE is... Whe... [...]

Analyzing user stories

Have you written a nice user story? It can be part of an epic but it will resolve a particular problem. The aim is always the same: to produce working software! This utility on your software must work. No matter if the user story is about a specific epic or theme, we're analyzing how to prepare ourself to bring the user... [...]

Effective grooming

Grooming is not part of the scrum process but it can be considered a very important part during the whole scrum framework. An effective grooming can help to plan the next sprint, to group user stories by epics or themes and define a new priority for user stories during a sprint. So the backlog can change rapidly. IMPROVING TH... [...]

Task estimation tricks

When you get start agile and scrum, you'll soon make tasks and user stories estimations. That's difficult: how can you estimate the amount of time you need to release a single and small functionality? For me it's matter of practice because we are using scrum as an inspect and adapt framework to work with method, disc... [...]