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4 posts about DATABASE

Connecting to a PostgreSQL database with Python

I have used psycopg2 to connect the database and a little trick to switch the schema from development to production and viceversa. I have used an ini file to store informations about the database. You can store any other informations in the file and keeping them tidy using the ini sections. Let's start with my config.ini fil... [...]

Installing PHP and the Oracle Oci8 extension

This post is the right and updated procedure to install the PHP Oci8 extension with the Oracle instant client on Linux (Ubuntu, Kali, Debian distributions). That's because I have spent a lot of time finding the right steps and combinations. The procedure seems very long but I ensure you will not need more than 10 minutes! I... [...]

An overview on NoSql, Big Data and Graph database

NoSQL database on the web and the relation among them, big data and graph database. I want to understand how this technology work. BigData, NoSql and Graph databases are related. NoSQL database We have a very big and interesting topic. Handling big data with databases, infrastructure or data warehouse. Big Table.... [...]

Hadoop overview

I've spent time with the Hortonworks sandbox and reading about the Hadoop project. It's funny and you can learn a lot fast but I think there's a lot of confusion when you try to face Hadoop for the first time. Too many projects, concepts, and topics. And the bad news is you cannot use easily it in a real world u... [...]