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11 posts about HTML AND CSS

Web VR and Augmented reality resources

Let's introduce Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. What are them? Is there any difference between them? Let's start reading something on wikipedia about Virtual Reality. "Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated scenario that simulates experience". The are various fields of application an... [...]

Bootstrap 4 with Angular v2+

Installing Bootstrap 4 on your NG-Cli project can be more difficult than you think. NPM is a really strange dependency manager and you have always to solve problems because of its instability. I have had several errors installing any Bootstrap package. A very simple operation took me hours to find the right solution! NOTE... [...]

Structured data for HTML pages

Google Search Console recommends using structured data inside HTML pages. You can improve your breadcrumbs and insert a JSON or HTML with microdata inside your web pages to let Google know about the contents of your page and help it to create a better index with your information. In fact, they say: "Google uses structured d... [...]

Frontend development interview questions

A modern web developer must know about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node JS and the whole ecosystem around these technologies. Let's how we can be prepared. HTML Accessibility Semantic HTML Structured data Javascript Learning the core Javascript is very important. Javascript is living maybe the greatest moment... [...]

Web security: XSS

XSS is one of the most common security issues we have to worry about. It can be simple to prevent it but sometimes it's not. We must pay attention not only on our PHP code but even on HTML and Javascript ocde without forgetting old browsers. Some malicious users can use old version of Internet Explorer to explore the DOM and... [...]

Zurb Foundation and HTML5 accessibility

Ok this year Symfony3 will be launched but in the best practice book there are some good recommendations and warning for the next future. I'll try to summarize the most interesting concepts and warnings. There are a lot hints about what you can or must do and some warning about common mistakes and what you must not do.... [...]

Bootstrap 3 template tools

Why have I decided t0 use Bootstrap 3 instead of 2 for my new project? I'm searching for new and simple templates made with Bootstrap 3. There aren't many options online but you can build your own template using different tools. BS3 is newer and I really love the new features such as font awesome and new g... [...]

Web Accessibility Tools

Here is a summary of the best validation tool I've found through years of work on accessibility. We can find always the best solutions on-line. I've made websites and apllications for public administrations and I want to publish always the best from my source code. Validators W3C validator, the official W3C vali... [...]

Speed tests for websites and web apps

Here we have some tools and solutions to test and increase the speed of our web applications. With PHP 7. every web application based on this technology will be faster twice! But we need to be very careful to update the PHP version: not every application can work correctly. Compress HTML with PHP Compress CSS Compress... [...]

WebGL examples

What is WebGL and how we can start to use this technology today? Considering WebGL as an extension of Javascript we can see it as a binding language to develop high quality website and application using OpenGL technology on browser. But the first disadvantage of WebGL is the compatibility: nowadays only the best browser are able... [...]

Web design test tools

This is a very very interesting topic about web desgn and the large amount of possibilities we have writing once for all the HTML source code and using it on desktop and mobile devices. We can work less and have more! This is the aim and the management of our apps and websites will be more homogeneous and... happy! But... [...]