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13 posts about JAVASCRIPT

Frontend tools for Blockchain Developers

The blockchain is definitely an exciting technology. It's complex but very powerful. Don't think only to cryptocurrencies. Blockchain can be used for many other projects! Here I want to have some ideas about the tool we can use to build innovative and amazing applications with small efforts. No more talking then. Let'... [...]

Web VR and Augmented reality resources

Let's introduce Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. What are them? Is there any difference between them? Let's start reading something on wikipedia about Virtual Reality. "Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated scenario that simulates experience". The are various fields of application an... [...]

Bootstrap 4 with Angular v2+

Installing Bootstrap 4 on your NG-Cli project can be more difficult than you think. NPM is a really strange dependency manager and you have always to solve problems because of its instability. I have had several errors installing any Bootstrap package. A very simple operation took me hours to find the right solution! NOTE... [...]

NodeJS and NPM troubleshooting

NodeJS and NPM on Windows can be really terrible. I'm having many problems with PCs running Windows 8 and 10. Fixing writing permissions is boring and annoying when you don't know what is the source of the problem. The npm behavior is unpredictable and it seems it gives you always a different answer or error. NPM... [...]

Deploy Angular apps in a shared hosting

If you haven't any particular dependencies you can easily deploy your Angular app in a shared hosting using the amazing Ng Cli. Simply run: ng build --prod If you haven't any error, this command will build your app and create a dist directory. In this directory, you will find the result of your app with sta... [...]

NG Cli Travis configuration

To find a working configuration for an Angular v2+ Ng Cli application was not easy. I have built my own solution at the end and the build with Travis finally pass the tests. Remember to sync your Travis account if you have created a new repository: once you have logged in the Travis website, go to your user icon, click... [...]

Angular V2+ code documentation with Compodoc

NGCli is amazing but it still needs something more to be perfect. I was wondering if there is something about code documentation with Angular and I have found a couple of libraries very easily. Compodoc Compodoc is very easy to find on Google. I have tried it and I like it. You can install it globally with npm and sta... [...]

AngularJS promises for async requests

When you start to develop an Angular JS application in the real world you will soon have to handle REST calls. When you call a service, you have to wait for the response. There can be a delay and the page is not always ready to show it. The Angular promise library helps you to docs.angul... [...]

Angular JS 1.x tools

If you choose the right libraries, you can be happy to have the right tools to work on your project. Even if Angular 2 is out, Angular 1.x is great for dynamic web development. I ensure you can develop amzing web apps for everyone. Here I will show you the tools I am using to work professionally with my company and our customers... [...]

Frontend development interview questions

A modern web developer must know about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node JS and the whole ecosystem around these technologies. Let's how we can be prepared. HTML Accessibility Semantic HTML Structured data Javascript Learning the core Javascript is very important. Javascript is living maybe the greatest moment... [...]

Angular 2 pros and cons

To learn and work with the popular Angular 2 cannot be simple and we must take our time before starting to create amazing web applications in the real world. The only way is to practice and work with all concepts of this framework. But let's see the pros and cons about using this amazing technology: PROS You can cho... [...]

Angular 2 applications with Ng-CLI

You need some files to build a good and complete application with Angular JS while you needed onyl to include to only js file with Angular 1, So there is a big difference. With Angular 2, you have to setup a NodeJS enviroment and include many modules for a complete enviroment with tests, So to setup an application from scratch... [...]

WebGL examples

What is WebGL and how we can start to use this technology today? Considering WebGL as an extension of Javascript we can see it as a binding language to develop high quality website and application using OpenGL technology on browser. But the first disadvantage of WebGL is the compatibility: nowadays only the best browser are able... [...]