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5 posts about LARAVEL

Laravel admin panels and CRUD generators

Let's if an admin boilerplate or external dependency can help us to build our application faster and more efficiently than integrate an admin template manually and build all interfaces we need. I still think Laravel hasn't a good and own code generator like the amazing Gii on Yii2. This is a problem for me and that's... [...]

Common errors installing Laravel

You exect to create your project and start coding with Laravel but if you obtain one of these errors you have to solve the problem before starting. I have found a couple of errors on Windows or Linux but nothing  Blank page If you have a blank page when you visit the home page of your new Laravel application, you... [...]

Installing Laravel Voyager admin panel

I have recently had a couple of small problems installing the Laravel Voyager admin panel. It works specifically with Laravel 5.3 and this can be a disadvantage. If you use Voyager, probably you will not upgrade your Larvel installation or you will have a lot of troubles if you do it! But don't worry: Laravel... [...]

Getting started with Laravel 5

I like PHP MVC frameworks and now Laravel has all my curiosity. It's fast, modern, clean, more lightweight and with good documentation both in the code and on the official website. Built using Symfony and the Symfony components, Laravel has tools and libraries to work even more efficiently with all modern features like diffe... [...]

Laravel 5 Form Ajax Post

This was harder than I thought. Here is my approach and my solution. I've used JQuery and follwed the instructions on the Laravel documentation to solve the token detection problem after the form posts and display the result in a div. Here is my code: On the main page add this html meta tag: <meta name="csrf-token" c... [...]