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Building your own framework in the real world

No matter if you are working on frontend or backend. Building your own framework for your business activity is a huge mistake! It can be a very good experience if you are a beginner and you are learning a new programming language but not in the real world when teams of developers must work with the same software. Many companies... [...]

About best practices and why I love them!

Best practices are always a hot topic. I love them because I like to do things in the way most of the people do it. They help me to improve my job and we can adapt our need and styles to them. We must not go so much far from them or we can be disoriented. What about style guides? Best practices are easily related to the st... [...]

I wish I was a Java developer

Java is a skill that many companies are continuing to require. I have worked for a couple of companies that use Java as core of their backend and enterprise applications. I have made a Java course and I have started coding with this language. Maybe it's the strongest OOP language I have ever used. But soon I have starte... [...]

A job experience as Frontend developer

After a significative experience with PHP, Yii 2 and other related technologies I have worked with Angular 2. with Angular 1.x and NodeJS for 4 months. This last step was the right time when I switched from PHP backend development to pure Frontend engineering. It has been a big change when I started to learn core... [...]

Pros and Cons about using Wordpress

I think all developers have used Wordpress at least one time. THis amazing CMS is good but far away to be perfect. Here I am trying to gather all pros and cons about using this blogging platform. Maybe this on is still the most used platform around the surface web. Pros Many plugins ready to use for all your needs: gall... [...]