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5 posts about SEO

Analyzing traffic, improve performances and security using web debuggers

Using a web debuggers or proxy can be very useful to analyze the traffic of your website, show the performances of your web pages and try to improve both performances and security. Here we see what we can do. Popular Web debuggers Fiddler Burp Suite by PortSwigger Charles web debugger proxy Improving ... [...]

Including XML Sitemaps for your website

We must create and include sitemaps into our website or application. After we create the XML file, we must let the search engine to see our maps and analyze them, It will be possible to have some error but Google can inform us about broken links, URL that returns 404, redirects etc. Sitemaps Types XML sitemap, the... [...]

Structured data for HTML pages

Google Search Console recommends using structured data inside HTML pages. You can improve your breadcrumbs and insert a JSON or HTML with microdata inside your web pages to let Google know about the contents of your page and help it to create a better index with your information. In fact, they say: "Google uses structured d... [...]

SEO TODO checklist for client and server

There are a LOT of operations to do to be in a good situation for search engines, especially if your website generate dynamic web pages. Every page can be linked and promoted so you must be ready to serve the web a page in the best way you can do. I ensure it's not easy so here I try to create a list of recommendations and o... [...]

Speed tests for websites and web apps

Here we have some tools and solutions to test and increase the speed of our web applications. With PHP 7. every web application based on this technology will be faster twice! But we need to be very careful to update the PHP version: not every application can work correctly. Compress HTML with PHP Compress CSS Compress... [...]