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7 posts about SYMFONY

Symfony 3 demo and blog applications

I have recently installed the new Symfony 3.3 but something strange happened when I was searching for the old blog application. If you install the Symfony demo application with the symfony command line, you will have the demo app installed with nothing inside, only a simple controller and the rest of the files and configurati... [...]

Curl problem with Symfony 3 or Laravel

I have recently tried to install Symfony 3 and I have had a problem with Symfony command console when installing Symfony 3. I have installed it some month ago and when Symfony 3 came out but I have never had this problem! Actually, I am using XAMPP on Windows. Here is the error on the command line: [GuzzleHttp\Ring\Exceptio... [...]

What's new with Symfony 3

We waited so long but now Symfony 3 is here! It's really amazing and we have a lot of new features and documentation to read. There is no time to waste. Let's see all news. Demo Application Finally we have an amazing blog application where we can see how an application is built with CRUD operations, Doctrine, multi... [...]

Symfony2 best practice

Ok this year Symfony3 will be launched but in the best practice book there are some good recommendations and warning for the next future. I'll try to summarize the most interesting concepts and warnings. There are a lot hints about what you can or must do and some warning about common mistakes and what you must not do.... [...]

Symfony 2 and Doctrine

If y0u have a database, probably you need to generate entities automatically. We'll use the console on app\console. But there are other small tricks you have to know. Let's see some very useful commands: MySQL enum Using basic Doctrine commands you can have an error about enum types. It's highly recommende... [...]

Deploy a Symfony 2 app on a shared hosting

Move all the contents of the directory called web on the root of the Symfony2 project Rename app_dev.php in your index.php Edit the .htaccess file replacing all app_dev.php with index.php Edit your index.php simply updating the require_once paths to let it include the files on the right paths: <?php... [...]

Symfony2, working with Doctrine entities

Let's see some commands and snippet to interact with Doctrine2. If you use Netbeans IDE, you'll see how easy is to call the entityManager and other objects of this ORM. But remember to put all queries on your model and keep the controller functions as clean as you can. Enum annotation Doctrine is integrated with Sy... [...]