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6 posts about YII 2

Yii 2 image optimization

To optimize the images for your website, application or blog is very important for the performances. I recommend to use GIF images if possible and the same size for every images of your posts or articles. That's because It can be much easier to maintain your files and update them in any case. We need to be patient to do... [...]

Yii 2 - Upgrade to bootstrap 4

Yes it is! If you upgrade your Yii 2 assets on your installation, there will be many difficulties to use the bootstrap 3 css and js files using the Yii 2 assets. So be sure you need bootstrap 4 only for your projects. First of all we update the dependencies on our composer,json file. { "require": {... [...]

Do something before every action in a controller on Yii 2

To do something before a controller is loaded is a common problem to all MVC frameworks. On Yii 2 you can use the beforeAction method for a single controller but if you need to do a something before every controller, you have to use the config/main.php file. I use this technique to register meta tags for every page but... [...]

Yii 2 on shared hosting

Yii 2 has a good documentation and it helps you to do almost anything you need for your application. I have had some trouble on deployment. I have a couple of websites on a shared hosting and I wanted to follow the tutorials but there was something wrong at the end. Let's see the links: Read the docs Official website... [...]

Admin Lte and Yii 2 integration

Admin Lte is one of the best and popular admin templates on the web. It's free and it lets you to develop great interfaces admin areas for your web applications. You can have many elements, plugins and even integrate it with some PHP MVC framework like Yii 2 or Laravel. Let's start to see what we need to let it work wit... [...]

Yii 2 pros and cons

I am still surprised about the Yii 2 popularity: I love this framework and I have based a couple of important projects on this framework. I love its presentation, code generators and the easy way you start, develop and test each element of your project. You can even have a test database and test all database operations. So I thi... [...]