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9 posts about ZEND FRAMEWORK

SwiftMailer, PhpMailer and ZendMail RCE vulnerability

A vulnerability about these popular libraries has been discovered. This video demonstrates how to execute arbitrary code in a vulnerable PHP application that is using Swiftmailer, PHPMailer or ZendMail. The attacker uses a python exploit script to catch informations about the victim and perform the execution of arbitra... [...]

Zend2 vs Symfony2. Pro and cons

Zend2 and Symfony2 are the most popular and probably the best PHP framework. YII is a good alternative and there are other good choices like Fuel PHP or Phalcon. But I love these 2 frameworks. Let's see a comparison Zend framework 2 Pro Strong core Good community Support for various database systems and servi... [...]

Generate PDF documents using ZF2 and DOMPDF

If you are searching a library to generate PDF documents using Zend framework 2 in PHP, I suggest DOMPDF. You can integrate it with the framework and easily convert HTML documents to PDF. This is very useful if you have some data into your MySQL database and you want to create reports and documents. Just create a simple web pag... [...]

Zend Framework 2 tips and tricks

Zend Framework 2 is becoming the most popular PHP framework. I'm using it every day since a couple of months and I still have many difficulties to build my own and simple web application. The learning curve is very steep and you have to handle a large amount of code. But it has a large community, strong MVC implementation, l... [...]

Zend2 and Doctrine2 tricks

I am trying to work hard with Zend framework and taking advantage using a powerful ORM like Doctrine2. I have many difficulties but after many research and coding, I've gathered some useful tricks and links. Generate entities from database Your application must be connected to the database and you must set the doctrine... [...]

Zend Framework 2 and PHPUnit

Modules are the most exciting news on ZF2. All files seem to be organized and the core structure on your application is more clear. Unit Test on the Skeleton Application First of all download and install the skeleton application using composer or download the zip file. There are some different way to download Zend2 + Skele... [...]

What's new on Zend framework 2

As you know Zend 2 is very different from the first version. Let's start with this amazing answer on StackOverflow. Architecture ZF1 is based on MVC , ZF2 is based on MOVE. Huge difference. MOVE = Model Operations Views Events , MVC = Models Views Controllers. Models: it contains the application status and its inf... [...]

Zf2 initializers, listeners and factory references

Almost always in a web application, you need to set some features before starting to do something in your controller. I'm having a lot of difficulties about keeping the code clean and simple in Zend. Let's see how initializers, listeners and factory pattern implementation can help us. I've gathered some very good res... [...]

Zend framework 2 performance

Even on localhost, if you look at the zend developer toolbar, you will see that the loading page time will be decreased after doing these actions. They are simple but there aren't so much explanations and documentations on the web. Generate template map Your application will load the map for each module. Go to your mod... [...]