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I wish I was a Java developer

I guess I will never use Java

Java is a skill that many companies are continuing to ask. I have worked for a couple of companies that use Java as core of their backend and enterprise applications. I have made a Java course and I have started coding with this language. Maybe it's the strongest OOP language ever. But i have soon started to see how complex, slow and bad was the architecture of some projects. Well, if you work with Java you have to use modern technologies

Java web applications?

Just a personal opinion: developing Java web applications really sucks! There is nothing you cannot do with Python or PHP. If you have big or complex enterprise architecture, you can build your own Java backend and expose some RESTful API. If you need more security you need to separate each parts and building new web apps will be simpler.

The Java Ecosystem

This what I hated more about Java. All is VERY SLOW. From Eclipse to the buiding tools. From the compiling process to the implementation of the business logic.
All is about configuring properties, making them work and all the enviroment is tied to the single instance of the app or the application server you have configured inside the Eclipse IDE! This is simply horrible, frustrating and it makes you swear and angry for the large amount of time you lose without writing a single line of code!!
So I decided to stay away from Java. With Python, PHP and NodeJS you can code fast, learn more and build amazing apps for multiple purpose. Just don't use Java!

The Good Part

Is there any good part?