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Including XML Sitemaps for your website

We must create and include sitemaps into our website or application. After we create the XML file, we must let the search engine to see our maps and analyze them, It will be possible to have some error but Google can inform us about broken links, URL that returns 404, redirects etc.

Sitemaps Types

  • XML sitemap, the generic and essential sitemap.
  • Google News Sitemap are good only if your website has been added to Google News.
  • Images sitemap.
  • Sitemap for the users: a page in your website where you list the main sections and pages. This lets the users have an orientation on your website or application.

Add Sitemaps to the search engines

  • Google: any sitemap can be added using Google Seach Console (Google Webmaster Tools). Create a profile for your domain and add every map in the dedicated section.
  • Yahoo now uses moved the webmaster tool section to the Bing Webmaster Tool admin area. Create your profile, account or login. To add a new website and add a sitemap will be very easy. Follow the steps and remember to verify your site. 

The Google News Sitemap

You can ask Google to add your website to Google News. You have to answer some simple questions about your website and wait for the Google team response,
If your website will be added, you can create and include the sitemap to your website.
Add the sitemap using the Google Search Console in the same way you added the other maps.

Images sitemap

You can also add an image sitemap for your website. This particular map can be generated and it helps the search engines to have more informations from your static images.

Sitemap Generators