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Common errors installing Laravel

You exect to create your project and start coding with Laravel but if you obtain one of these errors you have to solve the problem before starting. I have found a couple of errors on Windows or Linux but nothing Blank pageIf you have a blank page when you visit the home page of your new Laravel application, you... [...]

Installing Laravel Voyager admin panel

I have recently had a couple of small problems installing the Laravel Voyager admin panel. It works specifically with Laravel 5.3 and this can be a disadvantage. If you use Voyager, probably you will not upgrade your Larvel installation or you will have a lot of troubles if you do it! But don't worry: Laravel... [...]

Symfony 3 demo and blog applications

I have recently installed the new Symfony 3.3 but something strange happened when I was searching for the old blog application.If you install the Symfony demo application with the symfony command line, you will have the demo app installed with nothing inside, only a simple controller and the rest of the files and configurati... [...]

Curl problem with Symfony 3 or Laravel

I have recently tried to install Symfony 3 and I have had a problem with symfony command console when installing Symfony 3. I have installed it some month ago and when Symfony 3 came out but I have never had this problem! Actually I am using XAMPP on Windows. Here is the error on the command line:[GuzzleHttp\Ring\Exception... [...]

AngularJS promises for async requests

When you start to develop an Angular JS application in the real world you will soon have to handle REST calls. When you call a service, you have to wait for the response. There can be a delay and the page is not always ready to show it. The Angular promise library helps you to [...]

Angular JS 1.x tools

If you choose the right libraries, you can be happy to have the right tools to work on your project. Even if Angular 2 is out, Angular 1.x is great for dynamic web development. I ensure you can develop amzing web apps for everyone. Here I will show you the tools I am using to work professionally with my company and our customers... [...]

Frontend development interview questions

A modern web developer must know about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node JS and the whole ecosystem around these technologies. Let's how we can be prepared.HTMLAccessibilitySemantic HTMLStructured dataJavascriptLearning the core Javascript is very important. Javascript is living maybe the greatest moment... [...]

Angular 2 pros and cons

To learn and work with the popular Angular 2 cannot be simple and we must take our time before starting to create amazing web applications in the real world. The only way is to practice and work with all concepts of this framework. But let's see the pros and cons about using this amazing technology:PROSYou can cho... [...]

Angular 2 applications with Ng-CLI

You need some files to build a good and complete application with Angular JS while you needed onyl to include to only js file with Angular 1, So there is a big difference. With Angular 2, you have to setup a NodeJS enviroment and include many modules for a complete enviroment with tests,So to setup an application from scratch... [...]

Yii 2 on shared hosting

Yii 2 has a good documentation and it helps you to do almost anything you need for your application. I have had some trouble on deployment. I have a couple of websites on a shared hosting and I wanted to follow the tutorials but there was something wrong at the end. Let's see the links:Read the docsOfficial website... [...]

A new SQL malware is targeting Magento online shops

It seems that an SQL script is executed when a user makes a new order and even before a new page is rendered. The researcher Jeroen Boersma discovered the SQL malware and Willem de Groot was the first to analyze it.ResourcesWillem de Groot blog postDe Groot malware scannerA guide to clean an hacked Magento... [...]

Content injection vulnerability affects the Wordpress REST API

A vulnerability that can affect 1.8 milions of websites has been discovered. You have to update your Wordpress at least at the 4.7.2. Automatic updates are highly recommended.A severe content injection (privilege escalation) vulnerability affecting the REST API has been discovered by Sucuri: "This vulnerability... [...]

Pros and Cons about using Wordpress

I think all developers have used Wordpress at least one time. THis amazing CMS is good but far away to be perfect. Here I am trying to gather all pros and cons about using this blogging platform. Maybe this on is still the most used platform around the surface web.ProsMany plugins ready to use for all your needs: gall... [...]

SwiftMailer, PhpMailer and ZendMail RCE vulnerability

A vulnerability about these popular libraries has been discovered. This video demonstrates how to execute arbitrary code in a vulnerable PHP application that is using Swiftmailer, PHPMailer or ZendMail. The attacker uses a python exploit script to catch informations about the victim and perform the execution of arbitra... [...]

Admin Lte and Yii 2 integration

Admin Lte is one of the best and popular admin templates on the web. It's free and it lets you to develop great interfaces admin areas for your web applications. You can have many elements, plugins and even integrate it with some PHP MVC framework like Yii 2 or Laravel.Let's start to see what we need to let it work wit... [...]

Updating PHP version from 5.3 to 5.6 on Linux CentOS

This task is not so easy, especially if you are updating PHP on a production server. I have taken a note about the steps I have followed. Let's open our shell with root permissions: First check your PHP versionphp -vDownload some repository and edit some configuration:wget [...]

PHP 7 migration

PHP 7 is faster than all the previous versions. All you need is the best peformances you can have but... what about migrating from PHP 5 to 7? Let's some helpful links and tools:Migration 7 check tool with composer: just install this tool globally with comp... [...]

Yii 2 pros and cons

I am still surprised about the Yii 2 popularity: I love this framework and I have based a couple of important projects on this framework. I love its presentation, code generators and the easy way you start, develop and test each element of your project. You can even have a test database and test all database operations. So I thi... [...]

Clean code: refactoring

It's time for an effective refactoring! Extract from long functions (extract until you drop), edit in line, extract methods or new classes. On TDD, after a test is passed, refactoring is the 3rd and probably the most important step of the small cycle red \ green \ blue. Let's explore the refactoring techniques with a sho... [...]

What's new with Symfony 3

We waited so long but now Symfony 3 is here! It's really amazing and we have a lot of new features and documentation to read. There is no time to waste. Let's see all news.Demo ApplicationFinally we have an amazing blog application where we can see how an application is built with CRUD operations, Doctrine, multi... [...]