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An overview on NoSql, Big Data and Graph database

NoSQL database on the web and the relation among them, big data and graph database. I want to understand how this technology work. BigData, NoSql and Graph databases are related. NoSQL database We have a very big and interesting topic. Handling big data with databases, infrastructure or data warehouse. Big Table.... [...]

Amazon Web Services overview

Amazon has changed the way to provide web services and we're living this change! I want to study and improve my skills on AWS API in PHP and then in Java. More services give PHP Api SDK and REST-ful options. Other services give Java as programming language to interact with the Amazon platform. First of all we need to be regi... [...]

Put your system under test

The code we cannot test it's bad! How we can turn legacy code into clean code? Legacy code can be very hard to update and maintain and It can cause many problems, even between people. I've had a very bad experience working on code without any point of reference and documentation. The larger are the amount of legacy code,... [...]

Running multiple PHP versions with Ampps

I have my local PHP and MySQL installation but I wanted to switch the PHP from the 5.6 version to 7. This was not an easy task and even PHPBrew was not helping me to tell Apache and the CLI what PHP version it has to run. So I have tried Ampps, a software for running the LAMP stack on Windows, Linux and Mac. It works great... [...]

Hadoop overview

I've spent time with the Hortonworks sandbox and reading about the Hadoop project. It's funny and you can learn a lot fast but I think there's a lot of confusion when you try to face Hadoop for the first time. Too many projects, concepts, and topics. And the bad news is you cannot use easily it in a real world u... [...]

Agile testing tools

I'm new about practicing agile testing and implementing solutions as tester. I'm learning about this specific (soft?) skill and I will be able to report all the news. I will show all my improvements and I will update this and other post/s. But first of all who is the tester? The tester is not a debugger The agile t... [...]

Clean code part 1

Let's start to talk about clean code thinking about Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob), Martin Fowler and other great software developers. Their talks and books help us every day to be more professional and do our job better. Let's start to gather some definitions of clean and bad code.  CLEAN CODE is... Whe... [...]


Looking the structure of CodeIgniter framework, I've seen many good features and possibilities about developing application using this system. But for me the worst problem is the file and directory structure. To handle multiple application is very difficult and you must always keep an eye updating your files. Maybe I'm W... [...]

About a PHP framework comparison

I have a problem with frameworks: the OOP, design patterns and refactoring code are good but we still need a lightweight framework to upload all files and let an application works on a simple hosting provider. Indeed you cannot handle apache configuration files or something on low level on an external server! My application is s... [...]

Web Accessibility Tools

Here is a summary of the best validation tool I've found through years of work on accessibility. We can find always the best solutions on-line. I've made websites and apllications for public administrations and I want to publish always the best from my source code. Validators W3C validator, the official W3C vali... [...]

Analyzing user stories

Have you written a nice user story? It can be part of an epic but it will resolve a particular problem. The aim is always the same: to produce working software! This utility on your software must work. No matter if the user story is about a specific epic or theme, we're analyzing how to prepare ourself to bring the user... [...]

Speed tests for websites and web apps

Here we have some tools and solutions to test and increase the speed of our web applications. With PHP 7. every web application based on this technology will be faster twice! But we need to be very careful to update the PHP version: not every application can work correctly. Compress HTML with PHP Compress CSS Compress... [...]

Effective grooming

Grooming is not part of the scrum process but it can be considered a very important part during the whole scrum framework. An effective grooming can help to plan the next sprint, to group user stories by epics or themes and define a new priority for user stories during a sprint. So the backlog can change rapidly. IMPROVING TH... [...]

Laravel 5 Form Ajax Post

This was harder than I thought. Here is my approach and my solution. I've used JQuery and follwed the instructions on the Laravel documentation to solve the token detection problem after the form posts and display the result in a div. Here is my code: On the main page add this html meta tag: <meta name="csrf-token" c... [...]

WebGL examples

What is WebGL and how we can start to use this technology today? Considering WebGL as an extension of Javascript we can see it as a binding language to develop high quality website and application using OpenGL technology on browser. But the first disadvantage of WebGL is the compatibility: nowadays only the best browser are able... [...]

Web design test tools

This is a very very interesting topic about web desgn and the large amount of possibilities we have writing once for all the HTML source code and using it on desktop and mobile devices. We can work less and have more! This is the aim and the management of our apps and websites will be more homogeneous and... happy! But... [...]

Task estimation tricks

When you get start agile and scrum, you'll soon make tasks and user stories estimations. That's difficult: how can you estimate the amount of time you need to release a single and small functionality? For me it's matter of practice because we are using scrum as an inspect and adapt framework to work with method, disc... [...]

Decorator pattern in PHP

I wanted to build an object and keep the properties set during the process. Another class will extends the main application object without losing all previous properties. <?php abstract class application { private $config; private $channel, $controller; public function getConfig() { return $this->confi... [...]

Continuous Integration with PHP

I found very difficult to set an enviroment to practice continuous integration with PHP, especially Jenkins has not a great documentation and the plugins are difficult to set. Using Jenkins to begin with continous integration on your softwares and web applications is a good choice. It seems Xinc or Sismo are good... [...]