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Symfony 3 demo and blog applications

I have recently installed the new Symfony 3.3 but something strange happened when I was searching for the old blog application.

If you install the Symfony demo application with the symfony command line, you will have the demo app installed with nothing inside, only a simple controller and the rest of the files and configurations:

php symfony new demoOR symfony new demo

If you want to have the blog demo app, you have to clone and install this demo app. So why they have not called this repository blog app or something similar? Here the installation procedure. I suggest installing this application if you want to see how a complete CRUD application with frontend and backend works.

php clone symfony-democomposer install

As you can see they are both called "Demo application" but they are very different. If you need an empty boilerplate, you can install the first one. If you need a full and working example, you will install the second one.