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Zend2 vs Symfony2. Pro and cons

Zend2 and Symfony2 are the most popular and probably the best PHP framework. YII is a good alternative and there are other good choices like Fuel PHP or Phalcon. But I love these 2 frameworks. Let's see a comparison

Zend framework 2


  • Strong core
  • Good community
  • Support for various database systems and service providers
  • Flexible caching system and simple optimization tools from CLI


  • Heavy
  • Steep learning curve
  • The documentation is really bad and hard to understand
  • You must centralize all unit tests to execute all with PHPUnit

Symfony 2


  • Collection of separated components
  • Many bundles ready to use available
  • Console application with many commands and code generators


  • Heavy
  • Steep learning curve: many people will disagree but although the good documentation, for me Symfony is hard to understand and use it professionally in real-world projects.


We can spend a lot of words talking about these two excellent frameworks, but Symfony seems better. There is good documentation and the 3rd version is coming out. Zend has to integrate Doctrine, Symfony not. To access components with Symfony is much easier and the testing tools including libraries for functional testing are better.