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What are the values of $a in $obj_one and $obj_two when this script is executed?

class myClass {
  private $a;

  public function __construct() {
    $this->a = 10;

  public function printValue() {
    print "The Value is: {$this->a}\n";

  public function changeValue($val, $obj = null) {
    if(is_null($obj)) {
      $this->a = $val;
    } else {
      $obj->a = $val;

  public function getValue() {
    return $this->a;

$obj_one = new myClass();
$obj_two = new myClass();

$obj_one->changeValue(20, $obj_two);
$obj_two->changeValue($obj_two->getValue(), $obj_one);


  1. 10,20
  2. You cannot modify private member variables of a different class
  3. 20,20
  4. 10,10
  5. 20,10

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What are the three access modifiers that you can use in PHP objects?

  1. protected
  2. public
  3. static
  4. private
  5. final

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Static is used for variables and methods but it's not considered an access method. A final class is a class that cannot be extended.

When checking to see if two variables contain the same instance of an object, which of the following comparisons should be used?

  1. if($obj1->equals($obj2) && ($obj1 instanceof $obj2))
  2. if($obj1->equals($obj2))
  3. if($obj1 === $obj2)
  4. if($obj1 instanceof $obj2)
  5. if($obj1 == $obj2)

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What is wrong with the following code?


function duplicate($obj) {
	$newObj = $obj;
	return $newObj;

$a = new MyClass();

$a_copy = duplicate($a);


  1. You must use return &$newObj instead
  2. There is nothing wrong with this code
  3. duplicate() must accept its parameter by reference
  4. You must use the clone operator to make a copy of an object
  5. duplicate() must return a reference

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How can you modify the copy of an object during a clone operation?

  1. Put the logic in the object's constructor to alter the values
  2. Implment your own function to do object copying
  3. Implement the object's __clone() method
  4. Implement __get() and __set() methods with the correct logic
  5. Implement the __copy() method with the correct logic

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