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About a PHP framework comparison

I have a problem with frameworks: the OOP, design patterns and refactoring code are good but we still need a lightweight framework to upload all files and let an application works on a simple hosting provider. Indeed you cannot handle apache configuration files or something on low level on an external server! My application is simple. I want the OOP, the MVC pattern and I don't want to create many files! I've developed an application by myself! But let's we have a look to these great frameworks and template engine. Try more script as you can to understand what is the best framework for your need.

In modern and advanced PHP5 programming there are always common concept related to OOP design. Patterns, ORM, MVC are words now more common in a PHP5 project for medium and large web applications. In fact, a framework can give you a strong structure of your application and it can let you to write less code and implent the MVC pattern for example; giving the task to different sections of your web application without write procedural code. Having an overview of all framework available on-line is important but the not too common question is: how to choose the right framework for your application? It depends on many things. If you need to integrate code on your framework or you want to create a new project for example. Here is a complete PHP framework comprarison. The most common frameworks:

  • Codeigniter, an incredible lightweight and common framework with OOP, MVC and only around 2MB for the whole package file including the userd guide and an example with a complete application!
  • Cake PHP is similar to Codeigniter with few differences. You are free too choose between this two lightweight frameworks.
  • Zend framework: I suppose it doesn't need any presentations. The most complete framework but it's not lightweight and the second version is too different from the previous. We'll keep an eye on Zend by the way.
  • Symphony
  • Kohanna
  • Akelos
  • YII

Lightweight frameworks




If you want to check out great PHP 5 libraries that work with ORM: