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An overview on NoSql, Big Data and Graph database

NoSQL database on the web and the relation among them, big data and graph database. I want to understand how this technology work. BigData, NoSql and Graph databases are related.

NoSQL database

We have a very big and interesting topic. Handling big data with databases, infrastructure or data warehouse. Big Table. Look at Big Data, a concept about handling a large amount of data on big infrastructures and \ or data warehouse.


Check out the Map Reduce paradigm and its possible solutions




Graph database Another kind of db strictly related to NoSql are graph databases. This innovative technology can let you think about a data structure based on graphs and not on tables. This will change the relations and it will let you think to create relationships more easier. But this wants to be an overview. I'll dedicate more posts on pratices. Now let's take a look to the most common graph databases on the web.

Graph database properties and features:

Natural Language Processing

Checkout natural language processing on wikipedia.

Machine Learning

Handling big data and applying an artificial intelligence branch: Machine Learning!


  • Gephi, open graph visualization and exploration platform
  • GraphViz
  • Processing

Key-Value Stores

  • Amazon SimpleDB
  • Azure Table Storage
  • Berkeley DB (Oracle)
  • Chordless
  • Dynomite
  • GenieDB
  • GT.M / M.DB
  • HamsterDB
  • Hibari
  • KAI
  • KaTree
  • Kumofs
  • LightCloud
  • Membase
  • Memcachedb
  • Mnesia
  • NorthScale
  • Orient Key/Value Server
  • Pincaster
  • PNUTS/Sherpa
  • Project Voldemort
  • Redis
  • Riak
  • Scalaris
  • ScalienDB / Scalien Keyspace: a distributed, consistent key-value store
  • Tokyo Cabinet


As you can see all of these links contain a lot of material to read and study. And it's impossibile to know all of this stuff. But I simply want to understand how NoSQL and Big Data generally work.  The main technology behind them and the future about these technologies. To go deep on these concepts can be very very changelling. Simply have fun, read, study and learn as much as we can. That's the only way to improve :)