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PHP 7 migration

PHP 7 is faster than all the previous versions. All you need is the best performances you can have but... what about migrating from PHP 5 to 7? Let's some helpful links and tools:

Obviously, this is not all you need but these are the most common tools and helpers to migrate your code. Be sure and remember all the new PHP 7 features and news.

Verify that all your tests are passing for your migration. I've tried PHP 7 on Linux and I can say there's no problem with migrating to version 7 for applications using Yii 2, Symfony, or a CMS like WordPress. Do not use deprecated functions and migrate as fast as you can. If you are using shared hosting you can only wait for your provider to have PHP 7.
The best solution is to have the possibility to switch between multiple PHP versions.

The zero-day exploit

PHP 7 seems not perfect and we already had a zero-day exploit. Here we have a couple of good articles. The exploit was used to hack the pornhub website!

PHP 7,1 released

We have PHP 7.1 out and we all want to migrate to the newer version after the new security problem. Let's start with the download and view the changelog,
We can update PHP to this version and hope it's more secure than the very first 7th version.