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Adam Khoury

Learn to code and design like a professional. Master development technologies like JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, ActionScript and more.

Web Animation Programming Guide WAPG

Learn web animation syntax and techniques using native JavaScript, CSS, the Canvas API, DOM API, WebGL and explore some popular 3rd party tools.

SQL Tutorials Syntax Programming Database Interaction

Learn the SQL syntax of basic to advanced queries with Adam Khoury. He adds real world programming usage examples that help the viewer more easily grasp concepts and retain them. The technologies used in the examples are PHP scripting and MySQL Database.

Audio Workshop - Learn to program web audio using JavaScript

Audio Workshop is a series of videos in which we will demonstrate how program the Audio object and the Web Audio API using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. We are leaving this series open ended, just like we did for the Canvas Bootcamp series. Adam will read viewer comments as he releases each video for the series, which will make the series interactive from start to finish.

Canvas Bootcamp HTML5 and JavaScript

Learn to use JavaScript to control the assets, animations and interactivity on the HTML5 canvas element. These video exercises will cover all of the basics plus more advanced topics.

How to Build a Social Network Website Web Intersect

Learn to build the foundations of a social networking web site using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Create interactive custom communities and member driven web sites.

JavaScript Tutorial Videos

Learn JavaScript programming online free by viewing video tutorials by Adam Khoury.

HTML and CSS tutorial playlist for beginners

Learn html and CSS free online with these clear and free video tutorials. HTML 5 relies heavily upon Javascript and sometimes CSS to be a complete and versatile tool in your belt, so we will apply these other technologies into HTML5 throughout the lessons.

How to Create Android Apps Tutorials Flash CS5.5 and Eclipse

Learn how to become an Android App Developer by familiarizing yourself with the most popular tools people use as Android App development environments. Eclipse and Java, or Flash CS5.5 and Actionscript 3.0. Series written by Adam Khoury. Adam's workshop -

PHP GD Image Processing Video Textbook Programming Tutorials

Mastering PHP Image Processing with Adam Khoury in this Video Textbook Series. Learn the PHP scripting necessary for deftly working with images on the web as a programmer.

Flash Actionscript 3.0 Sound Programming Video Textbook

Learn how to program sound in Flash CS3, CS4, or CS5 using Actionscript 3.0.

Ecommerce Website Tutorial PHP MySQL Tutorial PayPal IPN

A solid PHP and MySQL tutorial series. Learn how to construct a website where you supply a customized shopping experience for online shoppers. We use PHP and MySQL, along with XHTML and CSS to construct this system from the ground up. Ecommerce Website systems made custom and simple for educational purposes, and using all free open source software to program it.

Web Intersect Friend System Tutorial PHP MySQL jQuery Ajax

Series for those learning to build a custom friend adding and management system for for website members using PHP, MySQL, and jQuery.

Basic PHP and MySQL Member Website System

Using the free source files in this lesson series one can learn how to create PHP and MySQL Membership type websites with registration, login, file upload, and profile editing scripts.

Discover Magic XML Files using PHP and MySQL Loops

Learn how to create dynamic XML files using PHP for all of your XML driven applications using these video tutorials and free scripts we supply you with.

How to Create a Website the Right Way For Beginners

Learn how to create a website that is creative, fast loading, attractive, custom, has good SEO power, easy management and expansion, and more.

Flash MP3 Player Tutorial Playlist - ActionScript 3.0 Source

Learn how to program your own mp3 players for high end client projects where creative control is a must. Flash CS3 and CS4, using Actionscript 3.0

Mass Email Website Newsletter Bulk Batch Send Tutorial PHP

Learn how to program a mass email bulk send application that gathers the user data and stores it in a MySQL database. We then can write scripts that will blast the email out to everyone in the list, and even take staggering the emails into consideration due to hosting provider mail sending limits.

Flash AS3 Real Time Chat PHP MySQL for Websites Tutorial

Learn how to create an auto updating real time flash actionscript 3.0 AS3 chat module or application for your website projects. Adam offers the source files free for download also from

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