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Build a JavaScript breakout game with Phaser

Using the power of the Phaser game framework, let's build a classic breakout game!

New in Laravel 5.5

Let's dive into the new Laravel 5.5 features, including a mini project on building a 3rd party email address validation class with mistake suggestions.


Short tips, tricks and guides to help you out with everyday development.

Beautiful Slim CSRF Protection

A clean and easy way to work with CSRF protection in Slim 3

DRYing up code with Eloquent Model Observers

Repeating stuff like slug generation for your records? Let's clear things up with three different approaches.

Real-time command line chat

Hacking the command line and building a real-time chat with PHP and PubNub.

Build a Placekitten clone with Silex

Placekitten's API generates image placeholders of cute cats in any size for development. Let's rebuild it.

Symfony VarDumper

Make dumping objects and other variables beautiful. We'll also look at Slim 3 view integration.

What's new in PHP 7.1

Let's check out the most notable changes in PHP 7.1, with some practical examples.

PHP Basics

Just getting started? Let's cover the basics, with practical examples along the way.

Passwordless Authentication with Laravel

Baking in authentication that emails the user a magic link to sign in, while allowing for the normal email/password combination flow.

Laravel Queues

Everything you need to know to get started queueing jobs in Laravel, along with some practical examples.Dive deeper into Laravel queues with the full series!

SPL Interfaces and Classes

SPL (Standard PHP Library) interfaces and classes make coding easier, and your code a lot more flexible.Interested in more SPL goodness? Check out the full series here:

Tips for cleaner code

Writing clean code is important. These tips will help you write cleaner, easier to maintain code. Find more tips for cleaner code in the full series:

CSS Animated Poké Ball

A fun challenge using native CSS variables, gradients, the calc() function and a sprinkling of animation.

Arrays are eveything: Sorting arrays

Here's your guide to sorting arrays. Working up from the basics, we dive into more complex and useful examples. Want to master arrays? Check out the full series:


Every week we sit down and have a chat about different topics. Grab a cup of tea and join me.

Build a Twitter Bot

A Twitter bot that uses sentiment analysis to reply to mentions with a happy, neutral or sad emoji.

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