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IT Ops News and Talk with Don Jones | Episode 3

This month, Don's guest is Pluralsight author Rhonda Layfield-Dwyer. They cover some of the concerns organizations have around the Windows 10 release branches. LTSB? CB? CBB? What's the difference, which one's right for you, and how do you work it into your operational planning?

IT Ops News and Talk with Don Jones | Episode 2

This month, Don talks about containers. Not Tupperware, but that suddenly-in-the-news-all-the-time spin on virtualization that’s changing the way we think about infrastructure. Author Nigel Poulton joins Don to provide some actual real-world, spin-free perspective, and he quizes him on Microsoft’s entry into the field, what this means for the VMware’s of the world, and more. You’ll also find our usual ration of IT Ops news, security alerts, and of course Don's monthly rant.

IT Ops News and Talk with Don Jones | Episode 1

On the last Tuesday of each month, join us for Pluralsight’s IT Operations news and talk show. We’ll cover the hottest tidbits of industry news and their impact on you, and feature guests that will help you improve your skills and keep up with our fast-changing jobs.

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