A passionate web software developer.

Experienced software developer in different companies, undertaken freelance and personal projects. Passionate about innovative projects. Acknowledges and respects individual differences; believing in the value of diversity for strong teams and excellent results. Worked as full stack web developer with PHP frameworks like Yii 2, Zend, Symfony, Laravel and frontend technologies like Angular, NodeJS, Twitter bootstrap or Zurb Foundation.

Technical skills

Backend development:

  • Advanced knowledge of PHP 5, both server side and CLI. Introducing PHP 7.
  • PHP Frameworks: Zend, Symfony 2, Laravel 5.*, Yii 2. Microframeworks: Silex, Slim.
  • PHP ORMs: Doctrine 2, Eloquent, Yii2 Active Record.
  • RDBMS: MySQL, Oracle
  • CMS open source: Wordpress
  • BDD: Behat, Selenium, Codeception
  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL
  • Web servers: Apache, Tomcat, IIS
  • Python: web development with Django framework
  • Linux distributions: Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Kali. Bash scripting
  • IDEs: PHP Storm, Visual Studio Code, Web Storm, PyCharm, Eclipse, Netbeans

Frontend development

  • Web \ HTML standards, accessibility and responsive web design
  • Grid systems: Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation
  • Dynamic website development: Angular JS, Angular 2, Typescript, NodeJS, JQuery
  • Javascript testing frameworks: Mocha, Karma, Jasmine


  • Basic knowledge of Java, C, C++, Python, Ruby, Pascal
  • XP, TDD, Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Travis), Unit Testing, OOP, Design Patterns
  • Basic knowledge of C# programming with Visual Studio

Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook APIs, Open Graph, benchmark.


  • Agile methodologies: Kanban, Scrum; Softwares: Gitlab, Jira, Confluence, Redmine
  • Agile testing and QA engineering: test plan, exploratory test, UAT, browser automation
  • Extreme programming (XP): TDD, OOP, Design Patterns
  • CI \ CD with Jenkins, Travis, Gitlab, Bitbucket
  • Version control systems and softwares: Git, SVN

Professional experiences

  • Plangroup srl logo
  • Geosystems srl logo
  • Freelancer image alias
  • Dada Group logo

Academic training

  • Diploma in Computer Science, Sassari (1996-2002)


  • Live music (especially metal concerts)
  • Playing drums
  • Ethical hacking \ Cyber security
  • Computer science
  • Videogames: PC and console emulators
  • Manga, Movies, TV series, Chess
  • Beers :)