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About best practices and why I love them!

Best practices are always a hot topic. I love them because I like to do things in the way most of the people do it. They help me to improve my job and we can adapt our need and styles to them. We must not go so much far from them or we can be disoriented.

What about style guides?

Best practices are easily related to the style guide and vice-versa. If you are a developer you know that there are rules to follow and the style guide about coding will be very useful. Especially if you are working in a team. But trying to buld a style guide that is not so far to common best practices for a programming language or technology can be great. There are many advantages:

  • The code will be elegant
  • The will have high quality
  • Any other developer can understand your code and read each line very easily
  • Remember to have style guides for your tests. Unit tests, functional and acceptance test are always very important!

What Agile Methodologies say?

No one can say that Agile methodologies encourage to use best practices. But it's yes for sure! You are encouraged to use Extreme programming, testing and Continuous integration so you will follow best practices to save time, be well organized and make all possible efforts to work more and more effectively. But there are no written rules.


For me, there are more pros than cons about following best practices. Just create your style guides or have your own rules but if best practices work for many people, why can't they work for you?