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Agile testing tools

I'm new about practicing agile testing and implementing solutions as tester. I'm learning about this specific (soft?) skill and I will be able to report all the news. I will show all my improvements and I will update this and other post/s. But first of all who is the tester?

The tester is not a debugger

The agile tester is not a debugger. He doesn't make any test on the software functionality. The developers must do this job. I mean the tester must not do the work that a machine can do.  The developers must write all the tests and the tester help a team to write user stories, user acceptance tests and set user stories ready to work. When a user story is complete the tester can see if all acceptance criteria and UAT are ok. In this way the tester ensure the user story is really done and it can sure pass the review. But the tester job doesn't finish here. There are a lot of work for the tester. He can work full time to improve software quality. A developer can implement solutions to help all unit tests to be integrated with some tools working on browser automation and he can write softwares to work on the behaviour driven design aspect. If the tester is not a developer, he can do the exploratory tests.

Behaviour Driven Design

  • Codeception, codeception is absolutely the best  tool for behaviour driven design in PHP. It includes Behat framework for acceptance tests and other basic and advanced tools. It supports modules for Selenium and database.
  • PHPSpec, an alternative to Behat

Agile Web Testing Tools

Out-of-browser (headless browser)

Browser automation

User acceptance test tools

BDD using Ruby

Ruby is one of the best technologies to choose if you want to work with Behaviour Driven Design and automation engineering in general.

Writing the User Acceptance Test for user stories

Is there the best way to write the UAT for your user stories?

Studying UML and modeling to practice Agile Testing

UML will be really helpful to all testers. And it will be essential to represent entities, relations, actions, and user operations. All diagrams must be sample and all the team players must understand them.

ActivitiesDeliverablesEntry\Exit criteria
  • Product knowledge transfer
  • UA test planning
  • Executing test cases
  • Reporting & documenting defect found during UAT
  • Sign off
  • Test plan
  • UAT test cases
  • Defect reporting
  • Business requirement
  • UAT test scenarios
  • Acceptance criteria
  • UAT environment loaded
  • Test summary
  • Supporting go\no-go decisions
  • UAT sign-off