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Amazon Web Services overview

Amazon has changed the way to provide web services and we're living this change! I want to study and improve my skills on AWS API in PHP and then in Java. More services give PHP Api SDK and REST-ful options. Other services give Java as programming language to interact with the Amazon platform. First of all we need to be registered on Amazon and get the key, secret key and learn to use the AWS console. Here you can find all links, options and tutorials for what you want to interact. Some Amazon service are  platform as a service (PaaS), other are more related with cloud computing or database. Feel free to interact with the platform for what you need, what you want to learn or what you want to explore. I want to learn a lot about AWS and sure I'm not an expert but I'll share every info I'll find. Any info useful to summarize this large amount of tutorials, instructions and possibilities. Let's try to have a simple overview on all Amazon web services:

Download the latest Amazon SDK for PHP Other services:

Compute & Networking

Storage & Content Delivery

App Services


Deployment & Management