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Angular JS 1.x tools

If you choose the right libraries, you can be happy to have the right tools to work on your project. Even if Angular 2 is out, Angular 1.x is great for dynamic web development. I ensure you can develop amzing web apps for everyone. Here I will show you the tools I am using to work professionally with my company and our customers.


Dependency Managers


Twitter Bootstrap components

You can easily find dozen of component for applications with Bootstrap like UI bootstrap and features like Sweet Alert, Ng Toasty or Admin templates like Admin LTE and other cool templates.

Grid systems like Angular UI grid or smart table are really common in real world apps.

It depends on what you need and sure I can write a post with links of many other good features.

Continous Integration

And of course you MUST use a version control system or software like Git, Github, Gitlab and\or Bitbucket.