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Browser automation and test tools

Here we are with a list of the most popular test and browser automation tools. The testing discipline is very complex and the tester is responsible even for the tools he's choosing to do his job. I hope the following links will be helpful for all beginner testers.

Browser automation

  • Selenium tools: RC, Server, Grid, IDE
  • Watir (for Ruby development environment)
  • Maven + JUnit + Java + Selenium OpenQA: this is a common tool combination used to set up a good environment to make automated tests using unit test with JUnit.
  • CubicTest
  • PHPUnit has a class that implements the features to interact with WebDriver APIs. Using PHPUnit with Selenium can be difficult and I've found many problems using both Codeception and PHPUnit tools.

Behaviour Driven Design



Do you want to become a real tester for a real world? You can get your certification:

Tools for test management

Test automation frameworks

What about test automation frameworks?


Agile testing and generic testing is complex and now needful for a software development life cycle and for a generic product. The tester is a full time job. He has a lot work to do for example:

  • Look out the user stories to ensure they are written well before the team starts to work on it
  • To write all use cases, test plans and highlight all flows and workflows
  • To write all user acceptance tests and ensure they will be executed
  • Choose all the right tools to build a test suite. There can be manual or automated tests

And much more! This will let you think how complex and fascinating can be this job!

The next step

  • Setup and use a test automation tool
  • Browser automation best practices
  • Maven + JUnit + Selenium programming with Java
  • OpenQA with Visual Studio Express and C#
  • Watching youtube videos and tutorials! The documentation about all tools and best practice is not so clear. So choosing the right tools to perform your test is very important.