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Looking at the structure of the CodeIgniter framework, I've seen many good features and possibilities for developing applications using this system. But for me, the worst problem is the file and directory structure. Handle multiple applications is very difficult and you must always keep an eye on updating your files. Maybe I'm WRONG but I've seen the same problem on CakePHP. Anyway, CodeIgniter and CakePHP are the BEST lightweight framework on the web, but I've preferred to create my own MVC pattern. If I have to build a very large web application, probably I still choose Zend Framework. That's my personal opinion, but I still have to check out a framework comparison to choose your framework.


  • Good MVC implemented and very easy to learn
  • Friendly URL handling with the format based on MVC: controller, method, and parameters
  • Lightweight: the core and the application will be easy to upload on an FTP space
  • Easy to install, configure and understand. You can read some guide and have good help support on the Official Website


  • You have to put your files inside every application. So it can be difficult to duplicate an application and update the files every time. You have to keep an eye on models, classes, controllers and views for different projects...
  • It's too difficult to handle exceptions on your own modules. You have to focus on the framework
  • Test tools still in development