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Laravel admin panels and CRUD generators

Let's if an admin boilerplate or external dependency can help us to build our application faster and more efficiently than integrate an admin template manually and build all interfaces we need. I still think Laravel hasn't a good and own code generator like the amazing Gii on Yii2. This is a problem for me and that's because I continue to prefer Yii 2 to Laravel. But this is only a personal opinion; don't mind if you don't agree :)
Here we go with a good list of admin tools:

Integrating the Admin Lte template

Some repositories with documentation about integrating the Admin LTE admin template to our Laravel project.

CRUD generators

An important component for an admin panel is a CRUD generator. Gii for Yii 2 offers not only CRUD generation but even model, controller, data fixtures or extensions for your entities or existing models.
Laravel hasn't a generator like this and you have to add an external dependency. Why the Laravel team does not release their own generators? For me, It can be a very good feature and Laravel can easily become the best PHP framework you can ever find online!