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WebGL examples

What is WebGL and how we can start to use this technology today? Considering WebGL as an extension of Javascript we can see it as a binding language to develop high quality website and application using OpenGL technology on browser. But the first disadvantage of WebGL is the compatibility: nowadays only the best browser are able to run and load these kind of applications. So for me we must consider WebGL a technology to monitor and we only must see if we can spend time to develop. WebGL Camp Videos on YouTube. Check out technical data about your browser and your WebGL support. A very interesting website to visit is Web3D and read about X3d, checking news on WebSG Singapore.




  • GLGE Library wants to be a real framework to work with WebGL. The want to make an easier approach to all main functions of WebGL.
  • GLMatrix algebric library
  • ImpactJS is a proprietary javascript library for 2D games. A great example made with Impact is Playbiolab
  • Three library